Data Acquisition

The success of your direct marketing program is determined by the quality of your mailing list. Most experts agree that the quality of your mail/email list is the single most important element of a campaign. If your message does not reach the right audience, response will be poor, even with a great offer and clever creative.

So how do you obtain a quality list? The easiest and most affordable way is to work with marketing professionals who can broker and compile a data list from hundreds of different data sources for you. These sources include everything from demographic information like age and income, to psychographic data that provides insight into lifestyle and attitudes.

In the B2B world, high-quality data is critical to success. Keying in on the firmographics* of an organization is a great start, but often you need to further define your audience. To create a sales opportunity in complex buying situations, you may want to develop individualized message points targeted to people with different job titles. Under these circumstances, be sure your marketing service provider not only works with traditional business data providers like Dunn & Bradstreet but also supplements the business data with additional information such as tradeshow attendees and trade association membership directories.

At Steven’s, we have access to hundreds of lists and can develop a targeted list to help you get your message to the right person. To find out more, contact us.

* Firmographics are the characteristics of an organization used to segment markets in market research. What demographics are to people, firmographics are to organizations.