Database Management

Managing client/donor data is a significant challenge for most businesses and nonprofits. It is quite common for organizations to have contacts recorded in several databases. The sales department may have one list, marketing another and accounting may have still a third. At Steven’s, we have the ability to seamlessly integrate multiple databases into a single database that can be used for direct mail marketing. We also provide strategy and tactics on how to import this integrated data into your CRM or donor management system.

Data Merge – Our systems can take multiple databases and merge them into a single manageable database. We do this by matching key characteristics for each record, like last name and address. Once the match has been made, we can take all the data and compile it into a single location.

Data Pure – Over time it is common for organizations to develop issues with data integrity. A single individual may be entered in the database multiple times. This causes a great deal of confusion and can cost you money because you are sending duplicate marketing materials. Our system allows us to efficiently remove duplicate records to keep your database clean.