Direct Marketing

Today’s consumer is on multiple channels. With our technology we can help you reach your customers and prospects in the channel they are most likely to engage with your organization. The core of Steven’s MTM is our unique integrated direct marketing approach with today’s consumer. We want to help you use take advantage of the technology that Fortune 500 companies have been using so effectively for the last few years.

PURLs/Microsite >
PURL stands for personalized URL. Essentially a PURL is your own dynamic web page that is integrated into a direct marketing program. PURLs increase the level of engagement with your customer and/or prospect and can dramatically improve ROI.

Mail Piece Design >
Do you have information about your customers in many different databases? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is yes. By merging your customer information into a single database, you can get a much clearer picture of who your customers and prospects are.