PURLs / Microsite

What is a Personalized URL?
A personalized URL, or PURL, is a microsite web address that incorporates the recipient’s name.

For EXAMPLE: www.JohnSample.stevensintegrated.com.

Personalized URLS are commonly used with direct mail marketing pieces. Since many mail recipients prefer to respond online, a PURL provides a convenient response option. Studies show websites have less than 5 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. With this in mind, we develop attention-grabbing personalized URLs, microsites and landing pages.

When the responder logs on to his personalized URL, he is taken to a customized landing page on his personalized microsite.

How can Personalized URL Marketing help my business?
Personalized URL marketing combines two powerful marketing strategies: personalization and multiple communication channels. We develop these microsites with the same look and feel as the direct mail, to reinforce your branding and overall marketing message. In addition, these microsites are dynamic, providing relevant content in response to user preferences. This means visitors spend more time looking at your information. All responses can be viewed in real time on your marketing dashboard.