QR Codes

QR Codes are two-dimensional (2D) barcodes that can be thought of as paper-based hyperlinks. In other words, a QR Code encrypts data, such as URLs, text messages and contact information into a square barcode. This barcode is typically printed, but can be displayed on a screen as well. When scanned with a reader-enabled smartphone, the image is decoded and the phone’s software redirects the user to a website or displays the encoded information.

So What’s the Big Deal?
Successful marketing strategy engages the user and includes a call to action. QR Codes can deliver both by enhancing your printed piece with multimedia content and by providing the means to take action. The power of 2D barcode lies in their ability to create an interactive, augmented user experience. Use QR Codes on your print collateral to draw readers to your website, a promotional video, or additional product information. The possibilities are limitless – just tell us what you would like your target audience to see and we will create the printable QR Code.

How will my audience know what to do with QR Codes?
Most tech savvy audiences will be familiar with QR Codes and a simple “scan the QR Code to…” message will get your point across. For markets that may require a bit of guidance, we recommend using a descriptive pictograph and suggesting a QR Code application to help insure a successful scan.

Generic vs. Branded vs. Personalized QR Codes
Generic – A two-dimensional matrix barcode used for direct response marketing purposes.

Branded – Includes color graphics inside the barcode (an example would be your company logo)

Personalized – A QR code generated specifically for an individual