SMS Text Marketing

MS text marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most effective marketing channels for several reasons.

  • Your customers almost always have their mobile phones with them. In addition, SMS text messages do not require smart phones.
  • Text messages are read almost immediately. Studies show that text messages are typically read within fifteen minutes of receipt. That means faster response time to your marketing message.
  • Mobile marketing is opt-in only. While this may seem like a drawback, in fact it means the people who receive your text messages are very interested in your offers…and more likely to buy.
  • Mobile offers can be highly targeted based on the recipient’s profile. Mobile marketing messages can easily be tailored to the recipient and delivered at specific times.
  • Mobile marketing yields a high ROI. In addition to a high read and response rate, mobile marketing is relatively inexpensive to implement.

At Steven’s, we have software that allows you to push out SMS text messages at a scheduled time, at specific intervals, or as a triggered event. Give us a call to find out more about SMS text messaging and how it can be incorporated into your existing marketing strategy.