Marketing Plans

An effective marketing program does not have to be expensive but it does have to be well planned. Our marketing plans are focused on delivering results. Our process includes gathering specific information on the goals of the owner or organization. Once we have a clear understanding of the strategic direction of the organization we go to work.

Marketing plans begin with clearly defining the target markets. We will identify key markets that have the opportunity for growth. At Steven’s we understand that target markets can’t be simply defined by industry or company size. We will take the time to understand the buying roles and influences within your market.

Once the target markets are defined we begin to develop key message points. We will work closely with our client’s sales and marketing teams to help them clearly articulate the value proposition. We will challenge the status quo and look for opportunities to differentiate our clients from the field.

After the value statements have been clearly developed we will evaluate potential communication channels. By taking an integrated approach Steven’s can significantly impact our clients marketing ROI. We will often build strategies that leverage multiple communication channels including web, email, social media and direct mail.

Finally we will tie the targets, messages, and channels around a marketing communications calendar that outlines the tactics that will deliver the desired results. This calendar is used as an annual road map for marketing communications.