Lead Generation

Best practices in lead generation have continued to evolve quickly as new methods for creating demand for products and services develop. For example, search engine optimization, social media, and mobile marketing are now must-haves as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Creating a strategy that integrates these new channels of communication to reach your B2B clients is essential. It is also important to recognize that the way B2B buyers make decisions has changed. Savvy organizations now focus their efforts on delivering, “sales ready” leads to their business development teams rather than marketing to the masses. Creating a systematic approach that aligns sales and marketing around a common definition of sales-ready leads is required. Once this is achieved it is important to develop a lead generation plan that specifically targets those prospects that are most likely to purchase.

Fully integrated demand generation programs will leverage a number of channels to create demand. (The typical consumer is available on an average of 7.2 channels. These programs often include a combination of web, direct mail, and event-based marketing, all integrated into a common communications plan.