Lead Nurturing

Most organizations struggle with sales effectiveness. A well-planned lead nurturing program can significantly increase the effectiveness of both sales and marketing teams. By defining an ideal client and aligning around a common definition of a sales-ready lead, organizations can build lead nurturing strategies that directly and positively impact revenue.

Lead nurturing is the process of moving a prospect through the buying cycle. This may include providing information that helps a prospect become aware of a particular business issue. An effective lead nurturing program educates the prospect on possible solutions and provides comparisons on how those solutions may impact their organizations.

The most effective lead nurturing strategies include multiple channels of communication to engage a prospect. These channels may include the web, social media, email, direct mail and events including trade shows, webinars or presentations. The benefits of such strategies are significant. Most executives quickly see a reduction in their cost of sales, a shortened sales cycle and an improvement in their employee retention.