Developing Your Donor Base

Acquiring new donors is costly; therefore it is extremely important to nurture and strengthen your relationships with these individuals. Smart donor development plans communicate to and more importantly engage your donors in a variety of ways to encourage participation in annual, capital, and planned-giving campaigns.
The ultimate goal of donor development programs is to increase the lifetime value of your existing donors. Leaders in the social profit sector recognize that the best donors are those that are emotionally connected with your organization.
With this in mind, we help you craft donor development plans that resonate with your donors. To do this, we use data to understand both the psychographics and demographics of your donor base.  Our comprehensive donor development programs include:

  • data appending
  • donor segmenting
  • giving capacity assessments
  • integrated communications
  • donor-centric appeals

In addition, we help you measure the results of each campaign. As new information is learned about your donors, we show you how to add that information to your existing knowledge base so you can communicate even more effectively in the future.
Our communication services include:

  • customized, variable direct mail
  • email communications
  • personalized URLs
  • web pages and microsites
  • social media integration
  • mobile communication