Finding New Donors

Many nonprofits have an aging donor base. Finding new donors is an ongoing challenge, especially since younger donors may not be listening on traditional communication channels. To meet these challenges, consider a comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy. The elements of such a donor acquisition strategy include:

  • establishing growth goals
  • managing attrition rates
  • reaching out to new qualified donors
  • analyzing and appending donor data to profile best targets
  • integrating all communications into a cohesive message
  • leveraging multiple communication channels including web, social media, direct mail and mobile messaging

At Steven’s, we help you create custom donor acquisition strategies to meet the unique needs of your organization. And we don’t stop there. We help you execute that strategy through a wide range of marketing communication services, including:

  • data analysis
  • list sourcing
  • customized, variable direct mail
  • personalized URLs
  • web pages
  • social media integration
  • mobile donations

By combining intelligent strategic planning with practical tactical execution, Steven’s can help you grow your donor base.